I would not hesitate in recommending Shop Guide Australia to manage the advertising of your business. I wish all advertising companies were as well organised and proficient as theirs.

Jai KilaniCarrara

Shop Guide Australia was our advertising business for the duration of the Covid-19 periods. My business partners and i all agreed that, in all that time, we have never had an advertising manager who was as responsive, obliging, efficient and 'on-top' of things as Michael was for us. Advertising can be a pretty dis-empowering and, at times, infuriating experience, but the past couple of years were so smooth and uncomplicated - such a refreshing change!
Thank you to Shop Guide Australia for making it so.

Alan BaleRobina

Shop Guide Australia has been my marketing agent for many years. All this time, not only have they consistently done an excellent job looking after my business advertising, but they also often go above and beyond, responding to many special requests from both myself and my clients, ranging from print marketing to internet website advertising.
They have our best interests at heart. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs an efficient and trustworthy marketing agent to look after their business.

Connie McMurdyParadise Point

The people at Shop Guide Australia are one of the best advertising companies in Australia! I very much appreciate their care and attention to detail, and feel secure knowing that they have my businesses best interest in mind. Their professional advice is always on point and it is a pleasure to engage with them for my advertising requirements.

Kelli HoltVarsity Lakes

I’ve been exceptionally lucky to have John from Shop Guide Australia as my advertising manager for over 10 years. We have developed a great relationship over this time, built on trust and understanding. John always puts in the hard work up-front to ensure my advertising is in action fast, creating a stress-free process for me. John is always willing to provide advice, which has grown my small business into a medium size business.

Michael HalesHope Island

This company is by far the best advertising agency I have ever dealt with. They are responsive, understanding, and efficient. Within 30 minutes of an email request, he will have completed my request for either a print or website advertisement. Their system has done wonders for my company's bottom line, and I would recommend Shop Guide Australia wholeheartedly.

David JacksonOxenford

Shop Guide Australia took over the advertising management of the company we own a couple of years ago. They Immediately set about introducing new ideas and getting to know our advertising requirements, which came as quite a pleasant surprise. They are very professional and easy to deal with and were proactive in ensuring that our needs are met.
Even though we are only a medium size business, they were very responsive to our budget and made us feel valued as a client. They have certainly have helped make our business thrive through their unique marketing systems.

David GeorgePalm Beach

I have had a professional relationship with Shop Guide Australia for many years where they have managed our business advertising. They are the most experienced, reliable and innovative advertising business I have ever dealt with. They are the consummate professionals, regularly anticipating my needs, and have a collaborative approach to helping maximise the value of my business turnover.

Michael MooresReedy Creek

Shop Guide Australia have advertised various business for me over a number of years. The team proved to be a very good, and has made the advertisement of my businesses a trouble free experience. They keep me informed of any matters that require my attention, and in addition providing me with the growth in sales for my business that I required, thereby ensuring my long term future involvement with this company.

Catherine JoanSouthport

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