FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Why are there gaps on the page of ‘Shop Guide Australia’.
Answer : Each persons Internet Browser is different, and if you have the advertisement blocker mode on, some of our Banners will not appear for you. Switch off your Ad blocker mode and all the Banners will appear. Google Chrome and Firefox work fine for rendering Banners.

Question : Where is ‘Shop Guide Australia’ based?
Answer : ‘Shop Guide Australia’ is produced and printed on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We are 100% Australian Owned & Operated.

Question : Does ‘Shop Guide Australia’ earn commissions?
Answer : ‘Shop Guide Australia’ website has affiliate relationships and we earn a small commission if a person clicks on an advertisement and makes a purchase. We provide full transparency to all consumers.

50% of all commissions received by ‘Shop Guide Australia’ are donated to the ‘Charities’ listed on the Charity & Help Lines page, and are fully audited. We like a fair Australia.
So, when you purchase an item, you are making a donation to an Australian Charity. Well done friend, you are helping an Australian person in genuine need. Karma moves around.

Question : How do i register my business on your directory website?
Answer : For quality control we kindly ask people to email their graphic art DL size Flyer to us first for us to inspect the artwork quality.
We have found that this then helps source the correct businesses to be included. We welcome everyone to contact us.

Question : Can i change my listings advertisement to a new one?
Answer : Sure can, please email it to us and we will have the update completed on the same day.
Question : Does the ‘Shop Guide Australia’ website use cookies or other trackers?
Answer : No, we do not use any tracking programs. We respect your online privacy.
Question : Do i need graphic art for the print and website advertisement?
Answer : Yes, high quality, professional, DL size, single sided graphic art with your business details is required.
Question : My business or service is unique and you don’t have my category – can you create this for me?
Answer : We’re happy that most of the time when business listings are submitted to us they can be placed within our large extensive list of current business categories. Please feel free to email us if you wish to discuss this further.
Question : How do i make a booking?
Answer : To make a booking for the print and delivery and the website advertisement use the booking request form and our friendly staff will email or phone you with all the details.
Question : What services do you provide?
Answer : We offer graphic art design, print advertising, and a web based National Business Directory.
Our printed magazine is letterbox delivered to every home on the Gold Coast, all 160,000 homes, 600,000 people.