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‘Shop Guide Australia’ is a Free Australia-Wide Shop & Business Consumer Information Guide.

Shop Guide Australia is designed to help Australian consumers navigate the internet safely & securely & to inform them of unique Australian services & products.

With 100’s of Australian businesses & shops listed, & 1000’s of visitors each year, we’ve got Australia covered.

‘Shop Guide Australia’ offers the best shop & business directory guide the Gold Coast & Australia has to offer.

Our business directory website has been designed on purpose to be clutter free, clean, clear & concise. ie, no pressure selling, ‘not in your face’ advertising, the way advertising should be.

With our unique website design choices, we look nothing like the current crop of directory / coupons / deals websites on the internet.

We are family owned & operated so we can offer simplicity & truth in advertising to the general public, without any external compromises.

Our honest, straight-up, image based advertising, allows the general public to make their own choices. Importantly, we do not store or track your information.

Shop Guide Australia offers the general public an informative, user friendly website experience.

You will save time & money by using a service that has everything you require under the one roof.

‘Shop Guide Australia’ is a Discount Coupons / Shop & Business Directory.

We offer 1000’s of discount coupons on 100’s of shops & businesses via a free Australia wide internet website directory.

The best professional advertising service based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

  • Our primary goal is to offer the best service in managing your advertising.
  • Our business industry contacts & insights gives us a unique understanding of the power of ‘National Advertising’ for your business.
  • Our experienced team of service managers are here to talk with you, & will promptly answer all your questions.
  • Whether you are a small, a medium, or a large business owner we will always offer you a professional tailor made marketing service.
  • We are 30 year veterans of quality print & digital marketing, Australia Wide.

*Disclosure ‘Shop Guide Australia’ website has affiliate relationships and we earn a small commission if a person clicks on an advertisement and makes a purchase. We provide full transparency to all consumers.

50% of all commissions received by ‘Shop Guide Australia’ are donated to the ‘Charities’ listed on the Charity & Help Lines page, and are fully audited.

So, when you purchase an item, you are making a donation to an Australian Charity. Well done friend, you are helping an Australian person in genuine need. Karma moves around.

‘Shop Guide Australia’ focuses on creating high-quality website content that provides transparency and value to the general public. We hope you find our content useful and engaging, we always follow ethical marketing practices in our efforts.

Best Regards from the team at ‘Shop Guide Australia’.